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Click here to find out information about Tracking Rare Incidence Syndromes (TRIS)

TRIS Goals

1. Increase and improve existing data and provide a databank for parents, medical professionals, and other interested professionals.
2. Identify common medical problems, areas for medical investigation, and areas for development of improved interventions and services.
3. Provide information to interested parties to develop protocols and decision-making scenarios to improve interventions and treatments.


Tracking Rare Incidence Syndromes (TRIS) is looking for families with living as well as deceased children to participate in a unique opportunity to raise awareness of trisomy conditions.

TRIS is also interested in contacting "rare trisomy child friendly" medical and special education professionals, who might have an interest in joining the TRIS advisory committee.

In Memory of Kia Lien Emma~Lee, May 6 - 7, 2004